Surf School: Durbanville


Durbanville has a Surf Club!

Our major focus is for kids to have fun enjoy the ocean and be safe in the water – the surfing is a bonus that comes with it.

Once you have signed up, we notify you of available slots. We leave from the Club House on New St several times in a week. Surf boards are available and are included in the lesson, but wetsuits are not. We do have rental suits available at an additional fee. We try our best to get all students equal opportunity in the water.

You only pay when your child has climbed aboard for a surf lesson, in other words if you had to cancel a lesson, we won’t charge you for it, but we do ask for reasonable notification. If you communicate with us in advance, we have the opportunity of giving another student the chance to come with.

No contract fees apply.


How it works



We will need your contact and billing details, parental consent if applicable and indemnity forms signed.


 Weekly WhatsApp Messages

We keep an eye on weather conditions, and inform you of the available sessions in the week. We try and keep kids in their age groups, so we can advise you on the best slots to book. Lessons are typically scheduled for 9h00 (for home schoolers or during school holidays) and 14h30 after school.


On the day: departing from Clubhouse

All students have to be at the clubhouse on New Street at the specified time (e.g. 14h30). Collections at school are no longer guaranteed due to the number of schools in our area. If it is your first time, come a bit earlier to allow some time for a wetsuit fitting.


On the day: At the beach

Parents are notified when we arrive at the beach, whether it is Big Bay, Van Riebeeckstrand, Melkbos or Muizenberg. The students’ skill level and weather conditions determine where we go on the day.


Let’s Surf!

Normally we would spend between 90 minutes and 2 hours in the water. After we have packed up, we will send you a message again so you can collect your happy but exhausted child at the Clubhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be a good swimmer?

No, you will be attached to a surfboard at all times and in case of an emergency our instructors who will be close by are qualified lifeguards.


Where do we surf?

We leave from Durbanville Surf Shop and depending on the weather we go to one of three general locations: Muizenberg, Big Bay, or Melkbos.


Are there age requirements?

Yes, unfortunately we only give lessons to kids aged 9-18.


What should I bring?

Sunblock, a towel, a swimsuit, a set of dry clothes, and a wetsuit (which we can provide).


What if the weather is bad?

The great thing about surfing is the fact that is doesn’t matter if its raining, you’re going to get wet anyway! But in the case of really bad weather we will let you know in advance, so that we can arrange another lesson.


Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, please do as we all go through in a van and we can only accommodate a certain number of kids per lesson.


Any questions?

If you have any queries or questions – plese contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram:
082 780 1029.

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