About Surf Club

Established in Durbanville in 2018

A Surf Club in Durbanville? How does THAT work? We get that a lot, but what we get much more of is “That is really cool!” and “How can we sign up?”

We simply love the ocean. With the nearest access to surf being only 30 minutes drive away, it was obvious that if enough youngsters wanted to join in, we can start a club and share in the fun. So that’s what we did!

The “we” are myself, Anton Hitchcock, and Nicolaas Carstens – both of us are qualified Lifesavers and Qualified surf coaches, and both of us have plenty experience with sailing, diving, bodyboarding and obviously surfing. And when the waves are flat, we go skateboarding!

Mobile Surf School

All surfers know that ‘if the ocean cannot come to you, you go to the ocean’. We have made every effort to provide safe reliable transport, sufficient supervision and all the required arrangements to make sure that we can take groups of kids to the beach and bring them back safely. Provided we all have fun and learn to surf in the process, anyone above the age of 9 can join in – we go out morning and afternoon several times a week, weather permitting.

Learn to Surf

The mobile surf school is available to anyone in the Northern Suburbs, and in some cases we can fetch you from school if you’re in Durbanville. Find out how to join in, sign-up and learn to surf!

Online Shop

At our ‘Club House’ we started a surf shop, and it has grown! We can get hold of excellent equipment at really competitive prices. Check our new online shop for the best surfing and skateboarding gear.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

If you never try, you will never know.

Life s better when you surf.

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